Blue waffle disease is a popular term used to describe a severe vaginal infection. It can be categorized as sexually transmitted disease although it is not yet recognized medically.

The disease is primarily caused by unhygienic practices. A person with infection can transmit the disease to other people through direct contact of the infected part and through unprotected sexual intercourse.

Image 1 : A mild blue waffle infection characterized by lesions in the genitalia.
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Take a look at this image. It shows a mild blue waffle infection characterized by lesions in the genitalia. There is discoloration due to inflamed veins and bruises. There could also be discharges which vary in color. Most of the time the color is yellowish and with a strong smell.

Image 2 : A blue waffle infection affecting the male genitalia

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The image depicts a blue waffle infection affecting the male genitalia. As you can see, there are odd lesions that are unsightly and unappealing. The lesions come in bulges and are painful too. It will surely affect the man's ability to perform sexual activities. Even urination can be quite difficult as simple pressure in the penile area can cause pain and discomfort.

Picture 2 : This image demonstrates a female genitalia with severe blue waffle infection.
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As you can see, the vagina is not in its anatomic and physiologic state. There is a severe inflammation and patches. You will not even recognize the vagina because of its destructive state. In this stage of infection, the woman can no longer perform activities of daily living because a simple movement can trigger pain.

Even urination and defecation can be very difficult because the slightest pressure in the vagina could lead to pain and irritation. During this stage, the patient is confine in the hospital and for close monitoring. An extensive course of antibiotic is given along with other medications for yeast infection. Pain medication will be prescribed too to help in pain management.

Photo 3 : A male genitalia with severe infection.
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There are lesions, which are very unsightly. The lesion comes in cluster which makes them even more disturbing to the eyes. Those who have the lesions may find it difficult to move around because even the slightest touch can be very painful. The presence of cluster of lesion is an indicator that the infection is already in its advanced stage and that immediate medical attention should be given. The infection causing organisms will continue to thrive and will form a colony in the penile region if the infection is not treated right away.

This is probably the most destructive and disturbing image of blue waffle disease in women. As you can see in the image, there is a severe infection of the vagina. There is a bluish to purplish discoloration along with pain and discharges.

The vagina appears dirty, which could be the culprit for the infection. At this stage, the patient requires intensive treatment and care. Self-treatment is highly discouraged. It requires a strict supervision and close monitoring of a health care professional to thoroughly get rid of the infection and properly assess the condition of the patient.